Austin Childcare Programs and Activities

Little Munchkins Learning Center strives for excellent Pre-K education. Children learn best when they are engaged and interested, and what better way to do that than to have fun with learning?Our center is an ongoing participant in the Texas School Readiness Certification program which confirms our educational goals in preparing children for kindergarten.

Little Munchkins Learning is proud to have a Four Star rating with the Texas Rising Star Program which is monitored by the Texas Workforce Commission. This program establishes our center as one desiring excellence in training, curriculum, activities and qualifications.

After school care is provided in our center during the regular school year. We pick up children from these schools: Pillow, River Oaks and NYOS. During the summer our program involves a full day of care for school age children. This calendar is published by the last week of May. Enrollment for summer care begins after Spring Break.


Below are links to many of our activities that children participate in and love. We teach children to learn and work in teams, to use creativity to its fullest, to laugh, have fun, and to enjoy hands-on learning. Come learn and play with us!

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