What’s for Breakfast / Lunch?

Breakfast Menu       Lunch Menu

Little Munchkins provides a balanced and nutritious meal for the children. The staff will always encourage children to eat and try everything that is offered. Our kitchen is inspected unannounced twice annually by the Austin Travis County Health Department and these reports are posted by the front water fountain.

We made a score of 100 on our most recent inspection. Yay to our Kitchen Staff!

As part of the TX Dept of Agriculture Food Program, breakfast is now a free option for all of our children. Each child will receive 3 items on the breakfast plate. This program does not alter anything from our current lunch and snack menus.

Our lunch menu is simple but with a goal of providing foods that we know children will eat. Tuesdays are always sandwich/hamburger/hot dog days because we offer finger foods and bananas. On Fridays, CiCi’s Pizza is delivered.

Our kitchen staff do great job in preparing and serving our children.

All lunches are served with 1% milk or 100% juice for snack.

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