Welcome to Little Munchkins – Child Care and Daycare in Austin, TX

We welcome you to a warm, Christian value based, family friendly loving environment. Teaching children the essential qualities of fairness, consideration, self-esteem, character-building and respect is primary in our instruction. Teaching Christian principles, which are evident through God’s creation and love for children, is our fundamental concern.  Our weekly themes provide a foundation for discovery, creativity and learning.

Here at Little Munchkins we strive to develop an emotionally, socially, physically and academically well-balanced child. Our low child-to-staff ratios are provided by a “nurturing, loving, and well-trained staff”.

We are constantly evaluating and improving our early childhood program to provide an optimal, interesting and balanced environment of age-appropriate educational activities. We encourage children to become mentally and physically active in a variety of ways. Children are promoted developmentally, and frequent communication between parent and staff promotes a basic and comfortable trust in our care.

Little Munchkins Learning Center is committed to providing your child with the very best education and care. We welcome you to our family!


Christmas Village

Once again, Mr. George completed the Christmas room for the enjoyment of all our Munchkins families. The children got their first peek at the room this morning and the excitement across their little faces is what drives this annual tradition. […]

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Fire Truck Visit 2015

The firemen on Engine 30 came to visit the children and to talk to them about fire safety.  

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Babies First Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from our new little Munchkins!!!

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Dental Visit 2015

Thank you to our lovely friends at Sherwood Pediatric Dentistry for coming and visiting our children. The kids, ages 3 to 5, had a chance to talk to and listen about dental hygiene and the importance of brushing our teeth.

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