Graduation 2017

12th Jul 2017

May 26,2017 was Little Munchkins’ annual Graduation ceremony. It was,as always, a pleasure to have our graduates perform and watch the 4 year old program sing and perform as well. This year we were privileged to have a photographer come and capture some fantastic moments.

IMG_5777 IMG_5776 IMG_5808 IMG_6004 IMG_6003 IMG_6002 IMG_6001 IMG_6000 IMG_5997 IMG_5996 IMG_5994 IMG_5981 IMG_5980 IMG_5972 IMG_5899IMG_5971 IMG_5970 IMG_5969 IMG_5968 IMG_5967 IMG_5966 IMG_5964 IMG_5955 IMG_5954 IMG_5953 IMG_5952IMG_5951 IMG_5950 IMG_5949 IMG_5948 IMG_5937 IMG_5936 IMG_5935 IMG_5934 IMG_5933 IMG_5932 IMG_5931 IMG_5930 IMG_5915 IMG_5914 IMG_5913 IMG_5912 IMG_5905 IMG_5898 IMG_5896 IMG_5894 IMG_5893 IMG_5888 IMG_5887 IMG_5886 IMG_5885 IMG_5884 IMG_5883 IMG_5882 IMG_5881 IMG_5876 IMG_5864 IMG_5863 IMG_5862 IMG_5857 IMG_5852 IMG_5851 IMG_5850 IMG_5847 IMG_5846 IMG_5845 IMG_5844 IMG_5843 IMG_5842 IMG_5841 IMG_5840 IMG_5839 IMG_5838 IMG_5837 IMG_5836 IMG_5835 IMG_5834 IMG_5833 IMG_5831 IMG_5830 IMG_5829 IMG_5823 IMG_5822 IMG_6037 IMG_6036 IMG_6033 IMG_6032 IMG_6029 IMG_6026 IMG_6021 IMG_6020 IMG_6014 IMG_6013 IMG_6007 IMG_6005IMG_6053IMG_6232IMG_6227IMG_6219IMG_6214IMG_6207IMG_6200IMG_6194IMG_6186IMG_6178IMG_6171IMG_6163IMG_6152IMG_6143IMG_6138IMG_6131IMG_6123IMG_6113IMG_6105IMG_6098IMG_6087IMG_6083IMG_6080IMG_6075IMG_6074IMG_6073IMG_6066IMG_6060

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